Sash windows
in Maidstone

If you’re looking for traditional timber sash windows that will accentuate the natural elegance of your home, look no further. Here at Parsons Joinery, our team of dedicated joiners and carpenters have a wealth of expertise and practical know-how, enabling us to design, manufacture and install stunning sash windows for your home, to enhance its natural beauty. We also offer a repair or replace service for any existing sash windows. From Square Hill Road to Bower Street, we have upgraded the looks of multiple properties throughout Maidstone and the South East and our customers could not be more delighted. Allow us to complement your Maidstone home with a bespoke, handcrafted piece of timeless joinery.

Why to choose sash windows for your Maidstone property

Do you presently have sash windows installed in your Maidstone home which you need to restore to their former glory? Perhaps you have some plastic uPVC windows which you’re looking to replace with classic wooden sash windows?

Whatever your needs and specifications, we can offer you a wide range of sash window services that can cover all bases. Choose from a variety of colours, woodgrain finishes and sizes and we can manufacture them to your exact specification to complement your home seamlessly.  Our joiners and carpenters have a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of property types, ensuring they can find a perfect solution to suit your individual requirements.

  • Sash window replacements
    Our team of joiners and carpenters offer you handcrafted sash windows, designed to your specifications and installed to fit precisely into your existing box frames. Your wooden sash windows come with the option of thermally efficient double glazing or acoustic glass, with the further option of draught sealant to maximise your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Sash window renewals
    A common service for listed properties across Maidstone, our Parsons Joinery renewal service can provide your existing sash windows with a complete renovation. Our team will replace your existing windows, irrespective of their age and construction, and replace them with new box frames, including double glazed or acoustic glass and draught sealant.
  • Draught seal and overhaul
    Should you have sash windows currently fitted in your Maidstone property, we will restore and preserve them to optimise their appearance and extend their lifespan. We can reinforce your sash windows so that they can endure even the harshest of weather conditions. Additionally, our recommended upgrades of thermally efficient materials, fresh draught sealant and rebalanced sashes will increase the energy performance of your windows.

Arrange for your quotation

Whether you’d like more information about our tailor-made sash window services, including design, installation, repair and replacement, which we offer throughout Maidstone and the South East, or if you’d like to receive your free, no obligation quotation, please get in touch with us by calling 01273 814870 or sending an email to

Your other option is to fill in our quick contact before with a few lines about the information you’re seeking, and we’ll get back to you as soon as time permits.

    Why choose us for your sash windows in Maidstone

    At Parsons Joinery we prioritise you and you home. Our reputation rests on unparalleled quality of service, from our customer care to the execution of our craftsmanship. We appreciate you likely have a busy lifestyle with many commitments and we guarantee to minimise disruption in the course of our work. Our team constantly refine and improve their bank of knowledge and skills to ensure the standard of our work continues to improve for the benefit of our customers.

    At the start of every project, we will carefully listen to your requirements to ensure that every aspect of the design, manufacturing and instalment is finely calibrated to achieve your vision. We are unapologetic about our meticulous attention to detail, but our uncompromising work ethic and efficiency ensures we meet every deadline with time to spare.

    Our team is close-knit and we ensure all members are fully informed about your needs and specifications to ensure a smooth and harmonious working process. We are our own harshest critics and we will only lay down our tools when we are sure we have created the best final outcome for your home. The high standard we maintain across our team ensures that whichever individual members are assigned to your property, you can rest assured that their work will exceed your expectations.

    Our love of British heritage and tradition underpins our work and shines through in every project we take on. Every aspect of our work is lovingly handcrafted in our UK-based workshop by our expert joiners, to give you a unique piece of craftsmanship that you and your loved ones can cherish for many years to come. Our sash windows will bring a uniquely British feel to your home, and at the same time you will feel pride in supporting both a local British business and the wider British economy.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Maidstone

    To find out the many ways your Maidstone property would benefit from our bespoke sash window service, or to make an initial appointment with us, speak to a member of our qualified team by calling 01273 814870 or emailing and we will be happy to talk further to learn about your specific needs and requirements.