Sash windows
in Ramsgate

Bespoke sash window services

Are you considering fitting classic timber sash windows to add to the style and charm of your home? Here at Parsons Joinery, our dedicated joiners and carpenters have years of experience and expertise to draw on for the design, manufacture and installation of gorgeous sash windows tailor-made for your home. Our team also offer a comprehensive repair or replace service for any of your sash windows that are looking worse for wear. From Lyndhurst Road to Cavendish Street, we have enhanced the aesthetic appeal of multiple properties throughout Ramsgate and the South East, and our reputation in the area remains unsurpassed. Allow us the opportunity to endow your Ramsgate home with an elegant piece of joinery which you can cherish for decades to come.

Why to choose sash windows for your Ramsgate property

Do you presently have sash windows in your Ramsgate property that are looking a little tired and worn which you’d like to restore to their former glory? Perhaps you currently have a set of functional but unexciting uPVC windows which you’d like to replace with sophisticated and elegant wood sash windows?

Whatever your individual needs and specifications, our extensive range of sash window services can offer you the perfect solution. With our wide selection of colours, woodgrain finishes and sizes, you can be confident that your bespoke, wooden sash windows will complement and enhance your home. The extensive experience of our joiners and carpenters spans the whole gamut of property types throughout Ramsgate, allowing them to devise the perfect match for your home.

  • Sash window replacements

    Our team of joiners and carpenters are available to manufacture and install modified sash windows that are a perfect fit for your existing box frames. To optimise energy efficiency and sound insulation, we offer thermally efficient double glazing or acoustic glass as well as draught sealant.

  • Sash window renewals

    A popular service for listed properties throughout Ramsgate, our Parsons Joinery renewal service covers all aspects of window renovation. Allow us to replace your existing windows, no matter their size or shape, and replace them with sleek new box frames, with double glazing or acoustic glass and draught sealant.

  • Draught seal and overhaul

    Should you currently have sash windows fitted within your Ramsgate property, we can preserve and maintain them to ensure you continue to enjoy them for years to come. As well as freshening up the appearance of your windows, we offer thermally efficient materials, new draught sealant, and the rebalancing of individual sashes.  This will ensure your refurbished windows will endure future weathering and wear while retaining their classic looks and style.

Arrange for your quotation

We appreciate that you may have lots of questions about our joinery services, so we offer a free, no obligation quote when you book your initial appointment with one of our qualified surveyors. Speak to a friendly member of our team to arrange your own quotation by calling 01273 814870, emailing or filling out our quick contact form below.

    Why choose us for your sash windows in Ramsgate

    Our Parsons Joinery team

    Our team of qualified carpenters and joiners have decades of experience of working in and around Ramsgate between them and are highly proficient in all aspects of our sash window service, including designing, manufacturing, installing, repairing and replacing. Their finely-honed skills will be employed to achieve the finest possible results for your property while minimising and disruption to your lifestyle during the works.

    Our Parsons Joinery quotes

    We dislike pushy salespeople as much as you do, and we will never use salespeople to promote our business. Our free, no obligation quotes will be offered to you by our fully qualified surveyors who conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. You can trust our surveyors’ expertise and practical know-how to offer you an expert opinion you can count on, giving you the confidence that we’ll create stunning work to your precise specifications that you will enjoy and love.

    Our Parsons Joinery honesty

    Our team work in close communication throughout the entire process to ensure your requirements and expectations are met at every stage. From the design and manufacture, through to the installation and finishing, we will be honest with you in meeting your precise needs and specifications to ensure that your sash windows are the perfect match for you and your home in every possible respect.

    Our British heritage

    We draw inspiration from the finest in British values, and consider it a privilege to be able to bring a small part of British heritage into our work. All our methods and processes are traditional, and we trust that you will love your hand-tailored sash windows, precision-crafted to match your specifications and needs. You will be able to draw pleasure from our exceptional finishes and take pride in our joinery, and at the same time have the satisfaction of supporting your local British business and the economy.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Ramsgate

    If you want to find out how our sash window services can help you achieve the look you have in mind, give us a call today. Whether you have a query or want to discuss bookings, get in touch with our qualified Parsons Joinery team by calling 01273 814870 or emailing and we will be happy to advise you on your particular needs and requirements.