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    We are a team of expert joiners offering sash window replacements in Sussex. We are specialists in period homes and listed buildings, and we regularly work with customers who live in conservation areas too. We can make like-for-like replacements for sash windows, ensuring that they’re the ideal match and don’t alter the charm of your Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian property in any way. Sash windows are an important character feature in period properties; we use our skill and expertise to create beautiful, bespoke joinery that fits your property perfectly.

    At Parsons Joinery, there are no salespeople in our team. This means that the person who visits your property to inspect your sash windows and discuss your options will have the knowledge, skills and experience to offer you tailored advice. They can let you know whether a sash window repair may be an option, or whether a full replacement will be the most economical choice. We’ll then prepared a fully itemised quote for you, so you can decide whether to go ahead.

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    Do your sash windows need replacing?

    Many period properties still have their original sash windows in place. While sash windows are designed to last a long time, they can become damaged beyond repair over the course of many years, meaning that it will be more economical to have them replaced in full.

    These are some of the telltale signs that your sash windows may need to be replaced:

    • Excessive rotting timber or lots of damage to window frames
    • Windows that are warped, misshapen, or with sashes that no longer fit into the frames
    • Significant draughts and cold spots in the room
    • Broken glass
    • Damage to sash cords
    • Damage to the window frame itself

    Getting an expert opinion
    on your sash windows

    It’s difficult to know whether your sash windows need to be replaced, or whether it would be better to have them repaired. Our team can help you decide on the best course of action, using their experience of sash windows to tell you everything you need to know ahead of making a decision. One of our skilled surveyors will visit your property, assess the condition of your sash windows and advise on the most practical and economical course of action. If your windows are replaced in full, we’ll make a complete unit that’s bespoke to you, including the box frame and sashes. We can install your windows too for the best possible outcome.

    We can replace existing wooden windows. We can also replace uPVC windows and aluminium windows with timber alternatives, improving aesthetics and preserving character in period properties.

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      Beautiful new sash windows for your property

      We make all our sash windows in our very own Sussex workshop, crafting them from quality wood that can last a lifetime. This gives you the opportunity to pick the exact appearance you want, choosing everything from the type of wood, to the glazing, to the window furniture. If you’re keeping some of your existing doors and windows rather than having a complete property renovation, we can ensure your new windows match them perfectly.

      This is what happens if you have beautiful new timber sash windows made by us:

      • A surveyor visits your property to assess the condition of your sash windows, answering all your questions. We send you a fully itemised quote for the work suggested.
      • If you decide to go ahead, we’ll measure up in full before manufacturing your windows by hand in our workshop. You’re very welcome to visit and see your new windows in the making.
      • If required, we arrange a full installation at a convenient time for you. Your windows will be fitted by a skilled carpenter who will ensure the perfect fit.

      We love the quality, beauty and longevity of wood and passionately believe it’s the best material to use. Find out more about why wood is the perfect choice for your new sash windows.

      The benefits
      of new sash windows

      These are some of the benefits you need to know about if you’re considering having new sash windows installed:

      • Improved technology.
        Window technology is improving all the time – older sash windows simply can’t deliver the same kind of performance as modern ones. You can benefit from the latest developments in window technology when you have new sash windows made and installed.
      • Better security.
        Older, damaged sash windows can be a security hazard and can make break ins more likely. New sash windows will be highly secure, with no gaps and new locks.
      • No more draughts.
        Old sash windows have a reputation for letting in draughts and making properties uncomfortably cold. Our sash windows reduce draughts and cold spots, so there’s no need to worry about this anymore.
      • Aesthetically impressive.
        Beautifully crafted, our sash windows make a stunning addition to your property. If you have existing windows and joinery, we can ensure your new ones will match.
      • Double glazing.
        When we install new sash windows, we can use the latest double glazing too – we’ll make sure there’s enough room in the frames for the glass.

      Upgraded glazing – available with new sash windows

      If you have a full replacement, we can install double glazed sash windows, or you can opt for specialist glazing options such as acoustic glass to help improve your environment. This is because we can make the frames deeper to accommodate the glass and ensure it’s fully effective. New sash windows give you more options to improve your property and lifestyle.

      If you have single glazing and you’re not able to upgrade this due to living in a conservation area, we can talk you through other innovative options that may work for you.

      Why choose us to replace your sash windows?

      These are some of the reasons why customers choose us for sash window replacement services:


      Expertise in joinery.

      We work with period properties, properties in conservation zones and listed buildings – and many other types of property too. We’re used to the challenge of working with older buildings and will make joinery to enhance their character and charm.


      Dedicated customer service.

      We make it simple for you to work with us. Our surveyors listen to you and work to understand what you want so we can ensure your new windows are perfect for your needs.


      Free, no-obligation quotes.

      There are no salespeople at Parsons Joinery – only skilled, experienced joiners. We can provide an accurate itemised quote for all work, so you can decide whether to go ahead.


      The latest window technology.

      We handcraft our windows in our workshop using the latest materials, glazing and technology, whilst still relying on our traditional techniques to create beautiful sash windows.


      Value for money.

      New sash windows are cost effective in the long run, saving energy and money. Your windows can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

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