Sash windows
in Thanet

Our team of carpenters and joiners at Parsons Joinery have unmatched experience and practical knowledge in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke sash windows to elevate the beauty of your Thanet home. We also offer the repair or replacement of existing panes or casements to restore the traditional charm of your windows. From Manston Road to North Foreland Road, our dedicated team have partnered with proud homeowners, taking on board the particulars of their property style and personal preferences, and created stunning sash windows that are the pride of the street. Our reputation is unsurpassed across Thanet and the South East of England, with our satisfied customers eager to share the timeless elegance of their sash windows with visitors and neighbours. Allow us the opportunity to bring a new level of style and sophistication to your home with your own set of bespoke sash windows.

What can we do for the sash windows at your Thanet property?

Do you have sash windows installed in your Thanet home which have seen better days and need a little love and attention? Perhaps you have some functional but plain uPVC windows which you are looking to upgrade with a set of beautiful, traditional wooden sash windows?

Whatever the age and style of your property, whatever your personal tastes and requirements, our broad range of sash window services will help you find the perfect fit. We offer the widest selection of colours, woodgrain finishes and dimensions for manufacture, giving you the assurance that your made-to-order set of wooden sash windows will both complement your home and add an extra layer of style and sophistication. Our joiners and carpenters have a wealth of experience across a range of property types throughout Thanet, ensuring you and your home will benefit from a tailored service.

  • Sash window replacements
    Our team of joiners and carpenters can manufacture and install tailor-made modified sash windows that can fit seamlessly into your existing box frames. Our wooden sash windows come with the option of thermally efficient double glazing or acoustic glass coupled with draught sealant to improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Sash window renewals
    As you may have seen in listed properties across Thanet, our Parsons Joinery renewal service can offer your home a complete window renovation.  No matter the age or style of your existing windows, we can replace them with new box frames enhanced with double glazed or acoustic glass and draught sealant.
  • Draught seal and overhaul
    If your Thanet property currency has sash windows fitted, we can preserve and maintain them in style. Our recommended upgrade combines thermally efficient materials, effective draught sealant and the rebalancing of individual sashes with a visual refresh. In this way, we ensure that your sash windows will endure the elements for years to come and continue to look stunning in the process.

Arrange for your quotation

To find out more about the bespoke sash window services we offer across Thanet and the South East, covering design and installation, repairs and replacements, or to arrange your free, no obligation quotation, get in touch with a qualified member of our team by calling 01273 814870 or emailing us at

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    Why choose us for your sash windows in Thanet

    At Parsons Joinery, we believe in putting you and your home first. We focus on offering exceptional quality and attention to detail in every aspect of our service, from our customer service to our delivery of the finished product. Our respect for our customers means that we cause minimal disruption while achieving maximum results. We are continually working to increase both our range of knowledge and experience, and our intricate and precise craftsmanship. This ensures the quality of our work will continue to increase with every project.

    We will work closely with you to match your requirements and make certain that the design, manufacturing and installment meets your requirements and surpasses your expectations. Our pride in our work requires meticulous attention to detail, yet we have the experience to work efficiently and meet deadlines. You will be left with a result that perfectly complements your home and personal style down to the tiniest intricate detail.

    Each member of our team is in close communication throughout the project, ensuring that all individuals are fully briefed about your requirements and desired process. Our team will self-manage and self-critique our work until we are satisfied that the finest possible results have been achieved for your home. All our joiners are highly skilled and experienced, giving you the assurance that whichever members of our team are assigned to your project, you will receive the very best in customer service and craftsmanship.

    The inspiration for our work is our British heritage and values, which shine through in each project we undertake. We guarantee that every stage of our work is carried out within our UK-based workshop with every detail lovingly handcrafted. Your bespoke, handmade sash windows will not only bring British heritage to your home, but also fill you with pride that you’re supporting local British business.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Thanet

    To discover more ways our bespoke sash window service could benefit your Thanet property, or to arrange an initial free consultation with us, speak to a member of our qualified team by calling 01273 814870 or emailing us at and we will be happy to tell you everything you need to know.