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    Specialists in wooden bi-fold doors

    We design, manufacture and install bespoke wooden bi-fold doors in Sussex, helping you bring more light and beauty into your home. All doors are made from quality, sustainably-sourced natural timber in our very own workshop, providing unbeatable results for your new doors. Whether you’re upgrading your existing bi-folds, or you want to add a new home improvement, we’ll be able to help.

    Why is timber an excellent choice for bi-fold doors? It’s strong, resilient and long lasting – and it’s absolutely beautiful. You can have your doors in natural timber, or they can be spray painted in a colour of your choosing. If you have a period property, timber will complement it perfectly. You can enjoy the modern beauty of bi-fold doors, blending the indoors with the outdoors, without detracting from the traditional charm of your home.

    When you choose us to manufacture your bi-fold doors, your project will be looked after by a team of expert joiners. We make your doors to your exact specifications, listening carefully to your requirements. We don’t employ salespeople – the person carrying out your survey and providing your free quote will have a great knowledge of joinery, so they can let you know all the possibilities.

    Got a question about wooden bi-fold doors? Contact Parsons Joinery – call 01273 814870 or email enquiries@parsonsjoinery.com.

    Replacement bi-fold doors

    Has the time come to replace your current bi-fold doors? We can replace existing doors that are made from timber, as well as those made from uPVC or aluminium. If you have older bi-fold doors, technology will have changed a lot – you’ll be able to dramatically improve your home environment by installing new ones. If you have old-fashioned sliding patio doors, a side hinged door, or French doors, we can also replace these with bi-fold doors.

    These are some of the signs that might indicate it’s time to upgrade your old bi-fold doors:

    • Draughts and cold spots.

      Older bi-fold doors can cause your home to be cold and uncomfortable. Glazing has come a long way, and a modern installation will offer a big improvement.

    • Damaged glazing.

      If glass is damaged, you’ll usually need to replace the pane as a whole. Perhaps it’s time to consider a door upgrade at the same time.

    • Warping, cracking and damage to the frame.

      As your bi-fold doors age, you may begin to see visible signs of wear and tear. This can affect their integrity and let in cold draughts.

    • Gaps in the doorframe.

      This can make it easier for people to break in, and can also make it draughty inside your home.

    • Stiffness when opening and closing the door.

      Over time, materials can warp and hinges can be compromised. Bi-fold doors rely heavily on their opening and closing mechanisms to operate effectively – let us know if you’re struggling.

    New bi-fold doors – enjoy modern open-plan living

    Bi-fold doors make a wonderful addition to your property, letting natural light flood in and giving you more access to the outdoors. If you’re thinking about installing bi-fold doors, then wood could be your perfect option. Beautiful, strong, resilient and long lasting – these are just some of the benefits.

    We can come and measure up to let you know if bi-fold doors could be a good option, or whether French doors could be a better choice with the space you have. If your space is awkward in any way, we can accommodate it – your bi-fold doors will be made specifically for you. We offer top hung doors as an option as well if you’d prefer this configuration.

    Selecting your perfect bi-fold doors

    We’re here to help you pick your perfect bi-fold doors, taking you through the whole design and manufacturing process. If you require installation too, that’s not a problem – we can book in a convenient date with our expert installers.

    We begin the process by sending out an experienced surveyor to your property. They can advise you on the best options for you, so if you need a little inspiration, we can certainly help. We work with many types of property and we have the experience to offer you all the advice you need.

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      Why are wooden bi-fold doors the perfect
      choice for your property?

      Wood is the perfect option for doors of all types, and bi-fold doors are no exception. Here are some of the reasons why:

      Aesthetic appeal


      Wood is unrivalled in its aesthetic charm.



      Bi-fold doors can be made to suit your period or character property.

      Energy efficiency

      Energy efficiency.

      Wood is a natural thermal insulator.



      Specify your perfect bi-fold doors – they’ll be made bespoke for you.



      Follow our maintenance guidelines to make sure your bi-fold doors last.



      Timber is one of the most sustainable materials you can choose.

      Types of timber used for bi-fold doors

      You can choose from various types of quality timber, including:

      European oak


      Ash American white


      Pine redwood


      utile and sapele


      We can show you samples to help you select the perfect timber and finish. Many people choose to have white bi-fold doors, while others enjoy the natural timber appearance.

      Learn more about wood, and why wood can be a great option for you.

      Personalising your bi-fold doors

      Our doors are bespoke, so nobody else’s bi-fold doors will be quite like yours. The fit will be perfect, and we can include any customisation you require. We’ll talk you through options for door furniture, glazing, locks and more to craft your perfect doors.

      Why choose us for wooden bi-fold doors in Sussex?

      These are some of the key reasons why customers choose us for wooden bi-fold doors:


      Joinery expertise.

      The quality of our joinery is second to none, made on site in our very own workshop. We have control over the whole process.


      Excellent customer service.

      We’re here to help throughout your project. Learn more about our customer service.


      Free, no-obligation quotes.

      You’ll get a full, itemised quote for work on your bi-fold doors, so you can make an informed decision about whether to go ahead.


      Customised bi-fold doors.

      Incorporate any features you like – we can accommodate you with our bespoke joinery.


      Experience in period properties.

      We can help you choose bi-fold doors that work perfectly for your property, regardless of its age.

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