Click HERE to book your FREE consultationMaintaining your windows in tip top condition is important, and we here at Parsons Joinery in Sussex are here to help. Poorly installed or decaying windows allow cold air and damp in, which means your windows cannot do their job effectively. During the colder months it will cost you more to heat your home if your windows are not up to the job, causing your energy bills to rise. Replacing or repairing your windows may seem like an expensive job, but over the long term doing so will save you money.

Although there is a trend now for uPVC windows, expertly installed wooden windows are just as capable as doing as effective a job, and they look a great deal more attractive. Wooden windows really do add character to your home, whether your home is a new-build or was constructed in Georgian times.

A house with appealing wooden windows is always an attractive proposition. By replacing your standard uPVC windows or your failing wooden windows, you will automatically be increasing the value of your property. The expert craftsman and installers at Parsons Joinery in Sussex are at your disposal.

About replacement windows

Wooden Windows Sussex (1)Replacing the wooden windows in your property represents a substantial investment which requires a great deal of thought and extensive research. New windows can transform the appearance, security and comfort of your home and, if accomplished with sensitivity and understanding, can represent a significant improvement which can increase the value of your property.

Before you embark on this project it is important to reflect on your reasons for making the change and what you hope to achieve from your investment.

Reasons to fit replacement windows include upgrading the thermal performance of your windows, maintenance issues, aesthetic improvement or renovation.

To help you with these big considerations and to help you make a decision on the windows your property needs we have produced a Guide to Replacement Windows which you can download, free of charge and with no obligation using the link below.

Guide to buying replacement windows

Please fill out the form to download our guide to choosing the right windows for you and your property.

Wooden Windows Sussex (1)Replacement windows, single or double glazed, can be manufactured to match the existing within a range of designs including casements, stormproof and traditional sash windows with weights or spiral balances, Yorkshire lights, bay windows and shaped windows. Wooden windows can be fitted with double glazed units to minimise exterior sound and heat loss.

Windows can be supplied factory finished with preservative and primer ready for installation or we can offer the complete service including installation and finish. We can offer assistance with design or, alternatively, supply according to your architect’s specification.

Understanding the location of the property and the environmental conditions that may affect the joinery can determine the choice of timber and use of protective finishes and preservatives. Good design is the key to the durability of a timber window. Our designs endeavour to minimise water retention and damp penetration. Drained and vented rebates prevent deterioration of the timber and premature failure of the glazing unit seals from trapped water.

Window design

There are three broad categories of window design:

• Casement windows
• Stormproof window
• Sliding windows – including traditional box sash windows

Casement windows can have top or side hung sashes which are hung on butt or friction hinges. They can incorporate fanlights, opening or fixed sashes in a variety of combinations to suit the application. The most popular designs are the single opening casement, double opening casement or the triple casement with the two outside sashes opening and the centre fixed. The sashes in a casement window can either be rebated together or can have a centre mullion as shown in our drawings. The sashes in a casement window may have glazing bars as shown in the sliding box sash window drawing.

Please note – we manufacture these window designs to suit the customers requirements

Stormproof windows are similar to casement windows but the sashes are rebated over the window frame for additional weather protection.

Sliding box sash windows have vertical sliding sashes hung on traditional cords with lead weights or on spiral balances. Alternatively the sashes can be fixed. Sashes can have glazing bars (such as in Georgian style properties) as shown in our drawing. Alternatively, windows can be horizontally sliding and this style is commonly called a Yorkshire sliding window.