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    We offer expert wooden window repairs in Sussex, helping you look after your joinery and extend its lifespan. This can save you a good deal of money, while still allowing you to upgrade your windows to prevent draughts, improve aesthetics and make sure they are secure. Our services help you to retain the character charm of your property and ensure it looks its best – without paying over the odds.

    At Parsons Joinery, we don’t employ salespeople. We only employ skilled, experienced joiners and surveyors, who can give you all the information you require about wooden casement windows, from design, through to manufacture and installation. The person who visits you to provide a free, no-obligation quote will be able to offer you advice, so you can make an informed decision about whether a casement window repair will be right for you.

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    Do your wood windows need repairing?

    Many of the properties in and around Sussex still have their original timber casement windows. Whilst timber is a very durable material, it will inevitably suffer wear and tear over time. We will restore and improve your windows wherever possible, which can make a big difference to your home and your day-to-day life.

    These are some of the signs that it might be time to have your windows repaired:

    • Gaps between the glass and the frame
    • Damaged glazing
    • Draughts getting in through the windows
    • Broken frames, or rotting timber
    • Difficulty opening and closing windows
    • Damage to locks and window furniture

    Wooden casement windows can sustain damage over the course of their lifetime, but in many instances, they’re simply old and in need of a refurbishment. A window repair can make a big difference, transforming a damp, cold property into one that is much more comfortable and energy efficient – plus your windows will look beautiful once again.

    Expert advice on window repairs

    We can assess the condition of your timber windows and make sure that a repair will be the right approach to take. It can be difficult to know the answer until you’ve consulted with window experts like us – many factors affect the suitability of your windows for a repair, including their condition, the type of damage sustained, and the level of wear and tear that might have built up over a longer period of time. We regularly work with wooden casement windows and will be happy to advise you further.

    When you book your free consultation, a member of our team will visit you to assess your windows, listen to your concerns and discuss your options with you. This is the best way to find out if a casement window repair will be the right option for you, and it’s completely free of charge.

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      Sash window repairs

      We can expertly repair sash windows, looking after all components, from the sliding sashes to the cords, beading and draught seals. Many of the period properties in Sussex have older sash windows which are in need of a repair – we’re highly experienced in working with these types of homes. We often complete work on period properties and listed buildings.

      Find out more about sash window repairs. We can help you restore your sash windows to make them safe, secure, energy efficient and beautiful.

      What kinds of repairs can we carry out?

      We carry out repairs on wooden casement windows to restore them to their former condition and improve your way of life. Repair work can be minor, or it might be more major if a larger overhaul is needed – here are some of the repairs we can carry out for you:

      • Draught sealing and improving insulation
      • Repairing rotting sills and timber
      • Repairs to wooden window frames
      • Installing new retaining beads and draught excluders
      • Installing new locks and ironmongery

      This is just to give you an idea of the work we can carry out – our service is completely bespoke and we’ll adapt to meet your particular needs. We’re skilled joiners and have years of experience behind us, which we’ll use to make your windows safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

      Find out whether a timber casement window repair will be right for you. Contact us and book in your free consultation, in or around the Sussex area – call 01273 814870 or email enquiries@parsonsjoinery.com.

      Need a window replacement instead?

      Often a repair can be very cost effective, but if the damage is more serious, this approach might not be possible. There will be times when it will be the more sensible and economical to replace windows, particularly if they are very old, have sustained significant damage or are beyond reasonable repair. In this case, we’ll advise you that a window replacement is the better option for you. We’ll be happy to give you a free, no-obligation quote for replacing your wooden windows.

      Learn more about casement window replacements and see how the Parsons Joinery team can help.

      Why choose Parsons Joinery for wooden casement window repairs in Sussex?

      These are some of the reasons why customers choose us for casement window repairs:


      Beautiful, traditional joinery.

      We work with a range of property types and have many years of experience, using traditional British joinery techniques. We restore wooden casement windows carefully and sympathetically.


      Unbeatable customer service.

      Our customer service has helped us build up our reputation as a leading joinery in the Sussex area. Learn more about our customer service and the process of working with us.


      Free, no-obligation quotes.

      We don’t employ salespeople – all members of our team are well-versed in  joinery design. A surveyor will visit your property to assess your windows in person, before preparing a full itemised quote for all the work that’s recommended. You have no obligation to go ahead.


      Improved aesthetics and enhanced performance.

      Older windows may be beautiful, but when they deteriorate, it can be serious. We help you restore your windows back to their former beauty and make them safer, more energy efficient and more secure.


      Excellent value for money.

      A repair is often the most cost-effective option if your windows remain in relatively good condition. We’ll be happy to advise you on an individual basis.

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