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    We’re skilled, experienced joiners who can offer you replacement wooden windows in Sussex. In keeping with your property’s character, our wooden windows are beautiful and sympathetically made, whilst incorporating modern technology to ensure they remain highly functional and draughtproof. If you’re keeping some of your windows and just need certain ones replacing, rest assured that your new windows will be a perfect match. We regularly work with Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian period properties and also have lots of experience with listed buildings.

    Our team members have many years of experience working with wooden casement windows and sash windows, designing, manufacturing and installing them to provide an all-round service. We work a little differently to large window companies – we don’t employ salespeople, meaning that everyone you deal with throughout the process will be skilled in joinery design and can offer you expert advice. You’re entitled to a free, no-obligation consultation with us, where we can discuss your windows in detail, find out why you need them replacing and offer the best solution for you. If a window repair will be the better option instead, we can tell you, before preparing an itemised quote for the work you need.

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    Do your wooden casement windows need replacing?

    Many period properties still have their original timber windows, which can become damage beyond repair over the years. Newer properties can sometimes require new windows too, especially if they haven’t been properly looked after – wooden window maintenance is very important.

    These are some of the signs that might indicate your wooden windows need replacing:

    • Excessive rotting timber, with damage to window frames, sashes and/or sills
    • Warped or misshapen windows
    • Gaps in the frame that cause draughts and cold spots
    • Broken or damaged glazing
    • Misting between panes of glass
    • Difficulty opening or closing windows, compromising security

    These can all be signs of serious damage, which could make a window replacement the more sensible and economical option.

    Getting an expert opinion
    on your wooden casement windows

    It’s never easy to tell whether you need replacement wooden windows, or whether a window repair will actually be sufficient. Our team can help you make the right decision for your property, offering you expert advice and giving you all the information you need. We don’t employ salespeople at Parsons Joinery – the person who visits your property will understand what needs to be done, having worked with properties of all kinds. We’ll assess the condition of your wooden windows to make sure we can offer the right solution for you. If we decide together that a window replacement will be the best option, we can make everything bespoke for you, from the casement windows frames, to the sills, to any mullions and glazing bars that are included in the design.

    We can replace existing wooden windows, as well as uPVC and aluminium windows if you decide that timber will be a better option for your property.

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      Beautiful replacement wooden windows for your home

      We make all new casement windows and sash windows in our own on-site Ringmer workshop, making them from quality timber that can last a lifetime with the right joinery maintenance. Your wooden windows can be completely tailored to you, so you can choose everything – the type of wood, the glazing, the window furniture, and anything else that’s important to you. We’ll also make sure that your windows match any others that you might be keeping.

      If you’re interested in having bespoke wooden windows installed, here’s what will happen:

      • A member of our team will visit your property. They’ll be experienced in joinery design and can tell you about all your options in detail. We’ll then send you an itemised quote.
      • If you go ahead, we’ll come and measure up in full before manufacturing your wood windows in our workshop. If you’d like to come and see them being made, you’re very welcome to come and visit our workshop.
      • We offer a window supply service, or supply and installation depending on your requirements. If you’d like to go ahead with installation, we’ll arrange a convenient time. One of our skilled installers will ensure the perfect fit for your new windows.

      Wood is a natural, beautiful material, and it’s highly performing too. Find out why wood is an excellent choice for your property and learn more about the different types of timber you can select.

      The benefits
      of replacement wooden windows

      New wooden windows can have many benefits for your property and can improve your day-to-day life. Here are some of the benefits:

      • The latest technology.
        Window technology is improving all the time. New windows allow you to make the most of the latest advances, so you can benefit from better energy efficiency and performance.
      • Improved security.
        Older windows can be a security hazard, especially if they’re significantly damaged. New windows will improve the security of your property, with better locks, well-fitting frames and the opportunity to add additional security features.
      • Draughts are eliminated.
        New windows with a better fit, a modern design and new glazing will help to keep your property warmer and will make it more energy efficient.
      • Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing windows.
        The main attraction of timber windows is their beauty. New wooden windows, made in a timber of your choice, let you find the most aesthetically pleasing option for your home.

      Glazing upgrades – available with new wooden windows

      When we install new wooden windows, we can upgrade your glazing too as we can make sure there’s enough room in the frame. Double glazing comes as standard, and we can also offer you acoustic glazing and safety glass.

      If you live in a conservation area and double glazing isn’t permitted, we can talk to you about all your options to make sure your windows will be as energy efficient as possible.

      Why choose us for replacement wooden windows in Sussex?

      These are some of the reasons why customers choose us for wooden windows in Sussex:


      Joinery expertise.

      We work with homes of all types, including period properties and those in conservation areas, crafting the perfect joinery each and every time.


      Dedicated customer service.

      Our team pride themselves on offering proactive, helpful, expert advice and providing the best customer service possible.


      Free, no-obligation quotes.

      A member of our team who’s skilled in joinery design will visit your property, assess your windows in person and provide a full quote.


      Handmade, bespoke windows.

      Nobody else’s wooden windows will be exactly the same as yours. They’ll be made for you in our very own workshop.


      Value for money.

      Replacement wooden windows are a major investment, but they’re one that pays off. When properly looked after, wooden windows can last a lifetime.

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