Wooden windows
in Shoreham-by-Sea

Traditional wooden windows are a beautiful feature of any home but, over time, they can become damaged and difficult to repair or replace. In some cases, the entire window frame may need to be replaced, which can be incredibly costly. Parsons Joinery offers a range of beautiful handcrafted wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea that are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance. Our team is experienced in the design and installation of bespoke wooden windows for all types of homes, and we offer a repair, restore or replacement service for existing windows as well so that they can be looked after throughout their lifespan.

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Types of wooden windows for your Shoreham-by-Sea property

Windows are a key part of any property – they let in light and air and can add real character to your home. Our wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring that they will last for years. They are also thermally efficient, meaning that they will help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Casement windows

Our casement windows are fitted with top, or side hung sashes using hinges, making them easy to open and close. We also have a range of configurations available, including opened or fixed.

Storm-proof windows

Installing storm-proof windows is one way to help protect your home from severe weather conditions. Storm-proof windows are designed to withstand high winds and rain, and can help minimise the amount of damage a storm can cause.

Sliding and box sash windows

Sliding and box sash windows offer all the benefits of traditional windows while being much more practical. They are easy to operate and secure, and they also provide excellent insulation.

Arrange for your quotation

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a joinery service, as there are so many different styles and designs available. You may not be sure what style of wooden joinery you want for your home, or you may be worried about the price. You may also be unsure about how the process works and what will happen once you’ve chosen your design. Parsons Joinery offers a free initial consultation plus quote so that you can discuss your needs with one of our surveyors and find a solution that is perfect for you. We understand that making this kind of decision can be difficult, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. When you choose us, you can put your trust in our capable hands.

    Minimise noise with quality wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea

    You’re trying to get some peace and quiet in your home, but the noise from the street is keeping you up at night. It can be really frustrating when you’re trying to relax or get some work done and you can’t because of all the noise outside. Not only is it disruptive, but it can also be harmful to your health. Investing in quality wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea can help reduce the amount of noise that comes into your home. With our acoustic glass options, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful environment without sacrificing style, as this discrete glazing will significantly dampen any external noise. Plus, all our windows come with a guarantee for extra peace of mind.

    Wooden windows that are built to last

    Traditional uPVC windows may be cheaper in the short term, but they don’t last as long as wooden windows and need to be replaced more often. Plus, they are far less aesthetically pleasing. In fact, you can expect uPVC wiindows to need replacing every 10-15 years, whereas our wooden windows are built to last for up to 100 years. Our wooden windows not only look great, but they’re also incredibly practical. Unlike uPVC equivalents, our windows won’t deteriorate over time and will continue to look great for decades.

    Hassle-free wooden windows for customers in Shoreham-by-Sea

    Replacing your windows can be a real hassle, right? You must deal with multiple contractors, and there’s always the fear that something will go wrong. Not only is replacing your windows a hassle, but it can also be expensive. And if you choose the wrong company or type of window, you could end up with a window that doesn’t perform as well as you’d like. Hassle-free wooden windows from our team in Shoreham-by-Sea ensure that you have the best possible customer experience. We’ll take care of everything for you, from start to finish, so that you can relax and know that the job is in good hands. Plus, our windows are made to last – we guarantee it!

    Bespoke, British-made wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea

    Choosing the right windows for your home can be a difficult decision. You want something that looks great and is made to last, but you also don’t want to break the bank. Most people choose cheap, mass-produced windows that will only last a few years before they need to be replaced. Not only is this wasteful, it’s also expensive in the long run. Bespoke, British-made wooden windows are the perfect solution. Our high-quality joinery will last for decades, and our beautiful designs will add character to your home. Plus, by supporting British business you are helping to keep traditional craftsmanship alive.

    Why choose us for your wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea?

    It can be hard to know who to trust when it comes to getting your property refurbished. You need a team you can rely on, who will work with you every step of the way, and who will respect your home and your time. We are that team. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand what it takes to deliver a high-quality finished set of wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea that you will love for years to come. Our team is qualified and dedicated to ensuring your needs are always met. We work discreetly and respectfully to ensure there is minimal disruption to you and your home.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Shoreham-by-Sea

    You can start by arranging an initial meeting with a member of the Parsons Joinery team. Get in touch by calling 01273 814870 or emailing enquiries@parsonsjoinery.com and we’ll discuss your requirements for wooden windows in Shoreham-by-Sea.