As soon as the summer season sets in, everyone is more inclined to spend time outdoors and enjoy fun activities with family and friends. One reason behind the demand for bi-folding doors is that they make a fantastic summer feature, especially during barbeques, parties, or to let the children play in the garden while still keeping an eye on them. They help to connect the living room or kitchen with the garden while providing a splendid view.

Versatile and flexible

Unlike sliding patio doors, bi-folding doors are really compact and take a small amount of space even when they are open. If you want to open up the entire wall, it’s possible do so irrespective of the amount of space in your room. However much coverage you want (or don’t want) from your doors, bi-folding doors can suit any circumstances.

More secure

The high security provided by these doors makes them suitable for both residential as well as commercial use. The locking system is spread over various points which make these doors sturdier compared to regular glass doors which only have one locking point. Whether the door is in the office or your house, there is no compromise on the safety of your employees or family.

Easy to maintain

Very little upkeep is required for bi-folding doors after their installation especially if you opt for a UPVC or aluminium design. You may need to make a few regular checks or undertake some maintenance if they are made from timber, but this is still going to be less than that compared to other types of doors. All you really need to do is wipe them with a soft cloth once in a while and lubricate the runner and lock with a silicone spray.

Aesthetically appealing

There is no denying that these doors can add a lot of value to your home when it comes to making it more visually appealing. They also tend to improve the levels of natural light indoors making the room feel larger and brighter. These doors will definitely become one of the more stunning features of your home.

Saving on electricity

Yes, you can even save money on your electricity bill just by installing a bi-folding door at home. With these doors you are less likely to need to turn on any light during the daytime, and the use of electric fans and coolers is also reduced. The temperature inside can be regulated just by opening the door.

Fear not, bi-folding doors aren’t just for the summer months! The technology within the glass and frames keeps the doors well-insulated, keeping it cool indoors when it’s hot outside and retaining the heat during the colder winter months.

Looking to improve your home with bi-folding doors?

At Parsons Joinery we can create your ideal bespoke bi-folding doors, whether you are looking for an internal partition, or want to replace an external wall and create a bright and airy space with external bi-folding doors. If you want to add the perfect touch to your home, then contact the team on 01273 814870 and find out how you can benefit from our bespoke joinery solutions.