Style, comfort, and energy efficiency are primary goals for most homeowners and quality crafted and installed windows are key players to achieving this. As approved installers of Fineo vacuum insulated glazing, we can offer you a glazing option that enables you to achieve all three goals at once. Furthermore, it is a glazing solution that local authority planners do not seem to object too, making it the perfect solution for owners of listed properties. We explore how vacuum glazing will benefit your home.

The premium choice for thermal insulation

Despite being a mere 6.7mm thick, Fineo vacuum insulated glass achieves the best in thermal efficiency. In fact, the vacuum cavity minimises heat transfer through the window so successfully that it offers thermal insulation greater than double and even triple glazing. Vacuum glazing works more efficiently at keeping heat in and the cold out. The opposite effect happens in the summer – homes with vacuum insulated glass are cooler than those without. You will enjoy unrivalled warmth without having to use more energy. If you are committed to saving energy at home, this glass would be a worthy investment.

Significantly reduces noise pollution

Like heat, sound is unable to cross the small but mighty vacuum gap. You will be able to relax at home without the disruption and annoyance of street, traffic, sirens, and passers-by interrupting your peace.

Suitable for listed properties

The slim profile offered by vacuum glazing means it can be easily retrofitted into the existing box frames of listed buildings and properties in conservation areas. It enables these homeowners to retain a substantial portion of its existing features and originality. In our experience, we have yet to have a Fineo planning application declined by planning officers.

Brighter home interiors

Fineo vacuum glazing can let 15% more light into a room which can have such a positive influence on a home, as natural light is key to our physical and psychological wellbeing. Natural light exposure helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, improves our circadian rhythm (regulates our internal body clock) and sleep patterns, helps us focus, enables us to be more productive, and even makes us happier.

Environmental benefits

All the materials used are 100% recyclable, lead-free and environmentally friendly. Plus, relying on your central heating less for warmth means you will be lowering the amount of greenhouse gases released into the earth’s atmosphere and contributing to global warming. You will be increasing your energy efficiency and doing yoru part for the environment.

15-year guarantee

Our confidence in this innovative glazing solution is reflected in the long-term warranty of 15 years that we have assigned against it.

Our team here at Parsons Joinery are very skilled at finding a solution that works for both the customer and the planning officer, so if you think vacuum glazing is the option for you, we would be delighted to chat with you 01273 814870.