Windows can be a home’s most prominent feature, which provide ample natural light to flood living areas to enhance your colours, statement pieces and open the space. During the 18th and early 19th centuries in Britain and North America Georgian (referred to nowadays as the Georgian era) architecture was characterised by symmetrical designs, classical proportions, and decorative details, and window style was no different. Georgian windows are easily recognisable, and bay windows are a common feature of Georgian homes.

A Georgian bay window typically consists of a large, multi-paned window that extends outward from the façade of a building. It is often rectangular in shape and features multiple individual glass panes separated by glazing bars. The window projects out from the building, creating a three-dimensional bay or alcove area inside the room. These windows tend to blur the visual boundary of a wall, making it look like the room opens right up into the open air. They feel much like a porch or a balcony, only inside and safe from the elements.

Bay windows are a genius architectural feature which visually make the room feel bigger, the wall farther away, and provide more space as well. Modern homes often use the extra space for storage, as a window bench, or a combination of both.

Did you know?

Bay windows had a medieval beginning. In fact, the term bay is likely to originate from the large windows that were in the bay, or the area between the window frame and the interior wall, of a castle.

The Georgian Bay window is known for its elegance and ability to bring in abundant natural light, as well as provide panoramic views of the surroundings. It is often seen in grand homes, mansions, and historic buildings that adhere to Georgian architectural principles.

It is worth noting that Georgian bay windows can sometimes be mistaken for a bow window. To clarify, Georgian bay windows typically consist of rectangular glass panes, while a bow window is a curved version of bay window –glass panes in a semicircle.

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