Investing in replacement windows and/or doors for your home takes careful consideration and you need to feel confident that the choices you make are going to give you good value for money – why choose wood?


BEAUTY AND QUALITY – First and foremost, wood is naturally beautiful, adding character and warmth to your property and often value too.

DURABILITY – A good quality wooden window or door will, with careful maintenance, last a lifetime and a fully factory finished piece of joinery should give up to 10 years of life before it requires recoating.

SUSTAINABILITY – wood is a natural product and is endlessly renewable through recycling and renewable energy.

VERSATILITY – wooden joinery can be painted to change its appearance to match your current decorating scheme. Wooden joinery can be renovated and repaired.

VALUE FOR MONEY – when compared with other high quality construction materials.

AUTHENTICITY – the best choice for period properties as it replaces like for like and can be moulded to replicate original features.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – growing trees absorb emissions. Each tonne of timber used instead of other building materials saves around a tonne of carbon dioxide. Timber products are biodegradable, rotting away naturally when they come to the end of their lifespan.

PRACTICALITY – wooden windows and doors can be manufactured to incorporate modern thermally efficient glass and security ironmongery.

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