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Parsons Joinery are experienced suppliers and installers of bespoke, handmade sash windows in London. We’ve worked throughout the capital, putting our skills to good use within a wide range of properties in locations such as Kensington, Dulwich, and Islington, and have helped our customers to get the most from their homes. Our team of expert carpenters and joiners manufacture, install, repair, and replace timber sash windows using traditional British methods, providing high-quality, tailored results that can’t be matched by other window companies in the South East. Whether you’re based in north or south London, our bespoke sash window services can make a real difference to your home.

How can we help owners of sash windows in London

Sash windows are our area of expertise. We’ve spent years creating and installing beautiful bespoke windows within homes throughout London and we’re confident that our work will enhance the unique character of your property. All our sash windows are handmade within our UK-based workshop by our team of expert carpenters, giving you and your home the benefit of high quality British craftmanship.

We offer three distinct sash window services:

  • Complete renewal
    This service provides a comprehensive overhaul of your windows, replacing them entirely and installing new box frames and double-glazed sashes in their place. Our team members have worked extensively within period properties, listed buildings, and conservation areas and understand exactly how to overcome the challenges that are associated with these settings.
  • Sash replacement
    We can install new sash windows within your existing box frames, providing the benefit of double glazing with less disruption than a full window replacement. Our team will fully draught seal your new sash windows, making sure that your home receives a high quality, energy efficient upgrade. It’s no wonder that this is our most popular sash window service!
  • Draught seal and overhaul
    We can maintain and repair your existing sashes and frames, incorporating modern materials and technological developments without altering the appearance of your windows. Our team can carry out a wide range of adjustments and improvements, covering everything from rebalancing individual sashes through to draught proofing.

If you’d like to arrange a free, no obligation quotation for your property, please call us on 01273 814870 or send an email to We’re always happy to answer any questions about our sash window services.

What makes sash windows an excellent choice for London homes?

Distinctive appearance
The classic, timeless appearance of sash windows makes them an ideal fit for a wide range of different properties and styles. Whether you’re hoping to preserve the appearance of your Georgian home or you’d like to invest in a design feature that will enhance a modern build, carefully designed sash windows make a worthwhile addition to any property. Plus, as well as being eye catching, the slim profile of these windows will allow plenty of natural light into your home.

Practical benefits
Sash windows are easy to use and live with. They can be finely adjusted to create a gap at the top or bottom of the window, allowing fresh air to ventilate the room while also preventing rain from entering. Our bespoke sashes can also incorporate acoustic glass to reduce the impact of external noise, making them an ideal solution to the hustle and bustle of London’s streets.

Extensive lifespan
Owners of high-quality sash windows can expect them to last far longer than a uPVC alternative – more than a hundred years in some cases! As the sashes are hung evenly from their top corners, they don’t experience the same stresses as windows that are supported by a hinge on their side. This makes them much less likely to distort under their own weight.

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If you want to learn more about the bespoke sash window services we offer in London, talk to a member of our team. You can call us on 01273 814870, send an email to, or fill out our convenient online form.

    Why choose Parsons Joinery for sash windows in London?

    Our joiners and carpenters are highly experienced and have built up extensive specialist knowledge and skills during their time in the industry. This experience informs all the work we carry out and ensures that we achieve the best possible result for our customers. Regardless of the size of the project you have in mind, or the nature of your property, we will provide an exceptional, hassle-free service.

    Your bespoke sash windows will be designed, manufactured, and installed according to your requirements so that they’re the perfect fit for your home. Our team takes pride in the quality of their work and will take the time to make sure that every single detail is exactly right, producing a fantastic result that will exceed your expectations and take your home to another level.

    We project manage all our services through to completion, giving you peace of mind that every detail will be taken care of by our expert team. By completing all our work in house, we are fully accountable for the quality of our sash window production, installation, and repair services. And, because we’ve worked within properties of all types, sizes, and ages, we have the skills and experience to make adjustments on site and avoid unnecessary disruption.

    Made in Britain
    We complete all our work within our UK-based workshop using traditional methods and processes that allow our customers to benefit from high-quality British craftsmanship. When you work with us, you know that your sash windows will be handmade by experienced professionals, right here in the UK. This ensures an excellent result and allows you to support British talent, jobs, and the economy.

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