Green Lane, Chislehurst

1930’s property

The property for this project boasted plenty of space, but space that was being underutilised by the original 1930’s layout. As with all period properties, this project required that we adopt a measured, considered approach.

This project was a major renovation, starting with the removing of all internal walls and the ripping up of floors throughout; new joists were added while a different layout was designed to make the most of the space previously so poorly used. We undertook a complete electrical rewire and installed a brand new plumbing system. Finally, to extend the living space, a rear extension was created – a build for which we handled the process of the planning application on our client’s behalf.

Click here to see how the property looked before our work started. 

The project brief

To say that this project was a major undertaking would be an understatement – yet with experience of projects at such scale, it was one that we were well equipped to deal with.

Our team soon set to work throughout the property, from creating a new staircase that featured matching spindles to the one it replaced, and began the renovation of the basement as a wonderful extension of this property’s living space.

Doors for every internal opening would soon arrive from our joinery workshop, alongside which would be a complete kitchen to be fitted. Each item that arrived on site had undergone rigorous quality control processes before it was so much as given the green light for transporting.

Outside, we installed plantation shutters befitting of such a property, as well as renovating the front door, complete with stained glass, and hanging the garage doors that had been crafted in our studio. The front gate completed what had been a sizeable project demanding many craftsmen and skillsets, in addition to meticulous project management.

The client is today able to enjoy a home that capitalises upon the space that had previously been so woefully underused and unappreciated. Over the course of 9 months, their home steadily transformed into all that the technical drawings mapped out – and all that our clients had hoped the project would achieve in terms of living quality.

See technical drawings for this project HERE

Click here to see how the property looks after our work was finished.